Production Services


Full Production

We do it all from creative development to final deliverables.  Call it “turnkey” or “one stop solution” or whatever you like.  For these jobs, the client needs us to handle the entire process and we’re happy to do so.  Most of the projects on our work page were full productions that RedGate Films completed in-house with our own team of talent.  That said, a full production doesn’t take away any of your influence.  These films are always collaborative and we maintain constant communication with the client and/or agency throughout the creative process.

Partial Production

When the creative has already been established or a script has already been written, RedGate is often brought on to shoot and edit those ideas into a finished film.  This is also a very common way that we work and, in many cases, we’re brought on during the end of the development phase, before pre-production, to help guide the creative towards an executable shooting script that matches the client’s budget and resources.  We’re happy to work alongside creative directors and artist who already have a vision but need a support team to make it a reality.

Independent Roles

Sometimes all you need is a shooter and a producer to run that production.  When creative is locked and a post team is already assembled, RedGate Films can produce and shoot all of your content to be transcoded or delivered to your editors, vfx artists or colorists for immediate use.  We’re comfortable in whatever production role we’re needed to fill.  In these situations, having managed the post-side of so many projects, we know what’s needed to make an edit work and how to avoid technical hiccups downstream in the post-production process.